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field in which much more work might profitably be done. But

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The walls of veins are less fragile than those of arteries,

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Immanuel Hall, where he remained until his death in 1869. He mar-

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sence of bruises on the back of the head showing that he fell on

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include the whole mylo-hyoid band, in order to give issue

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oozing of dirty-grayish fluid less thin than the reddish foamy

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bell of St. Louis. These so-called " specialties," though not

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After further comprehensive study under private classical and mathe-

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Fourth Edition— D. Appleton & Co., New York, 1909.

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passing, homoeopathy possesses such effectually remedial agents

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and the other to a private house in the city. At the Hotel Dieu

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dren under i«o >i'.'irs .if.i-c, T.> realize the need of such

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or pathogenetic, to poison us more or less ; that is, to throw

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of this group, suffering from grave pelvic disease, ■

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angle of the mouth through the left orbit to vertex. Sex of foe-

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liferate in larger numbers, and on to a greater number of

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'T'HOM'AS SPENCER was born at Great Barrington, Mass., in

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the son of Dr. Robert Alexander and Amanda (Weagley) Gibney.

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the patient, and discreditable to the practitioner. The best

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fectious cause is very improbable. We could better suppose that there has

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ordinary meaning of the word ; it causes contusmts, indenta-

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tubing is in the way, often catches on the clothing, or, if acci-

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dollars for proficiency. He then spent six months as an interne at

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She saw that he let go the gate after opening it, and that it

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tion. She began teaching before her sixteenth birthday,

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sanitary arrangements in buildings won success and dis-

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gifted few to greater and more generous exertion. It enables

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observations, as well as facts obtained from experiment. "We may either dis-

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if possible, from a mass of somewhat confusing symptoms, a few

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It was, in short, a case of deep left lateral laceration of the

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donna was a good remedial agent if the poison was in the blood,

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is dry and black, the edges of the discoloration being

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partnership with Drs. Gray and Hull, who had then per-

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utes when awake." He showed signs of anger if lifted up when

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sected with this medical institution were Christian Fenger,

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other States — Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Rhode Island,

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" The admission of women delegates to this Congress,