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manner as already suggested in the case of the prostatic bar. Fig, ^

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has been negatively injurious, by taking the place of the only true

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the spleen dulness appeared normal in extent. By vaginal

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actions were obtained in 96.99 per cent of the cases, while negative

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from God on every nation and every people of whom we have

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the latter arrived, and looked at the parts, he found

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the enlargement of the neck. The tumor was found to consist

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be considered an absolute sign of gastric ulcer, as many ner-

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in cases that are not under treatment. The intermission, or time between two

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6. Gottlieb JE, Menashe PI, and Cruz E: Gastrointestinal com-

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generally employed, but its effects may be weakening, and it should be

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Properties. — A colorless or pale yellow, thin and strongly^

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3:00 A.M., he needs us at 3:00 a.m., no matter what the

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theeye. St. Tbomas's Hosp. Rep., Loud., 1893, x'xi, 199-202.

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a gallon of fetid pus; it contained also, as nearly as

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ingeniously made to affect medical evidence. An answer to a general question

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the next day; she appeared better, was partially con-

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scorbutic virtue when canned or dried. This is particularly

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slower the pulse and breathing, and the less the sweat-

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areas. Spleen normal. Kidneys small, smooth, rich in blood. The left kidney

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good health till nineteen months ago, and never suffered

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Lancet, Lond., 1894, i, 1361.— Doctors' fees. Indian M.

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As the first procedure in the therapeusis it was pointed out that it

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incision in the penis. The incision was sutured tight, and a number of

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part had suffered; there was marked emaciation ; mus-

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appendix, not only has the term typhlitis fallen into disuse, but

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Section of this Society in the latter part of 1916.^

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patients got well after tracheotomy, the restoration of the larynx

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Post mortem appearances. — On cutting into the abdomen a

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animal. On the 24th of June, a piece of bone was extracted

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ried on, under their own immediate observation j and is such as to insure, to the purchaser,

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We think that the practice location decisions of the physi-

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the view of its action has been unnecessarily — I

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follozving new publications. Revieivs of those fosscss-

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that the tubercle bacillus is in .some way concerned in its

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neuralgia. The physician, in individual cases, is to seek for evidence of

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going to his house on the next morning I found that he

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and fits into the brass disk before alluded to, caus-

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etiology, pathology, and treatment. Potts' disease is a good second with